If you’ve read the homepage of our site, you already know what MangaRaiders is all about! While there’s no need for further introduction, we’ll tell you about a few things you’ll find on our forum so you can decide for yourself if this is the right place for you! MangaRaiders is a forum for manga artists and writers, but our community is unlike any other. Our main goal is to create a positive atmosphere where artists and writers can share their work without having to face unnecessarily rude and disrespectful criticism on their work.

MangaRaiders is not tolerant of those who give only rude, negative, unhelpful critiques. When critiquing the art or writing of others, please keep it polite and helpful. The point of a critique is to help an artist to improve and gain confidence, not to belittle them or their art. Please critique with respect and keep MangaRaiders a positive and friendly forum.

The MangaRaiders community believes everybody has skill and potential, but some take longer to reach it. If you decide to become a MangaRaider, we encourage you to help other members, as other members will help you. Even if you can’t give advice on someone’s artwork or writing, a word of encouragement is always appreciated!

If you are interested in becoming a MangaRaider, here are a few things on our forum. Take a look and see what interests you!

Drawing Gallery –
This is where you can post your artwork, both manga and non-manga. There are many different galleries for you to post your manga comics, manga artwork, fanart, and non-manga artwork. Make sure you check all of these galleries before you post your art so you can make sure you’re posting in the right section. It’s recommended that you comment on and/or review other members’ artwork before you start your own topic. You’ll get a better response to your artwork this way. As a courtesy, it’s appreciated when you comment on and/or review the art of those who have commented on your art.

Manga Drawing Workshops –
The Manga Drawing Workshop is a board to learn tips, techniques, and everything we need to know about drawing manga! You can have fun while improving your drawing skills, and learn various things alongside other artists!

Manga Writers Section –
This is the section dedicated to manga writers. No matter what you’re writing, this section is a great way to share your writing, get critiques, and get help from others to develop your story! There is also a Writer’s Workshop, just like our Artists’ one!

Story Development Section –
Do you have a plot idea but don’t know where to go from there? The Develop Your Story board is the perfect place to get ideas, advice, and tips to develop your story into the best it can be!

MangaRaiders Anthology –
Mangaraiders Anthology is our publication of members’ manga comics and artwork! We also have an Anthology dedicated to writers! We publish a book online and printed, so you have a chance to have your manga published and printed for free!