This week on Manga Raiders

MR Forun Update

– The Manga Raiders Writers Anthology is now being edited for distribution! Due to some recent events it has been designated for a digital release and free download for whoever is interested.

– The Manga Raiders Visual Novel is also making headway. Off the top of my head? Things are at 40% We are working with our awesome artist Echo to make some character art. When we finally get the emotions for all characters in place it’ll be a simple matter of plugging in code and everything will go that much faster. As always, participation is welcome!

– The Great Queen Nomena has done another fantastic video for the Youtube Channel, this time being a “Lets Draw” of Usagi Tsukino from Sailor Moon!

Check out her awesome work here:

– Episode 40 has been released of the Happy Hour Podcast. This week features Manimal and Paipis having a one on one chat about various topics. Expect much interesting music talk.

Check it out!

Raider posts

-Mistersherbetlemon posted an interesting article detailing “Why Ideas Can’t Be Stolen” and discusses copyright. It’s definitely an interesting read so check it out here,

-The 3rd group project by WhiteCrow is still open for registration, for more info click here,

-The Manga Raiders Writers Anthology is nearing completion and in its final steps to being published, watch this space for more info soon!!!

– EchoRiver and LittRL have added to the MR Canon by writing two new stories, The Easter Egg Hunt and Raid The Babylon Tower respectively check them out here,