2016, Here We Go!

2016, Here We Go

Very belated Happy New Year and Valentine’s Day everyone, how has your year been thus far?

Here at Mangaraiders it’s been quite exciting. Exciting enough in fact that we have too much to update both members and guests on in this single post. Expect regular updates not only here but on our pages across the interwebs.

There is a lot going on and planned for 2016 so keep an eye on us. Some of our members went to the LAGC Anime convention in London and have brought back some great stories and inspiration. Make sure to check out The Happy Hour for updates on that front. And not only for the con: There is a lot planned this year for the podcast since crossing into the first year anniversary, so expect a lot of anime and manga relate content.

Projects also being worked on include The Writers’ Anthology,  A forum-based Visual Novel and new Workshop activities to enjoy and improve our crafts.

There’s a lot to talk about, but first and foremost we here at Mangaraiders just want to reaffirm our mission for a great, friendly manga and anime community. And boy, do we have plans.