MangaRaiders Forum is a community for Manga Artists, Manga Writers and Manga / Anime Fans. But we are not restricted to only these things. If you are an Artist or writer who is looking for a place to share your work then we are open for you too. We do our best to keep things friendly. Mangaraiders is NOT Deviantart. This place is more for those who have started drawing or writing and want a place for share their creative work without worrying about others giving you a hard time. This is our main goal. Having place comfortable for everyone to discus things as well as post their drawings and stories. That has been our goal since the forum has started over 10 years ago.

It’s very important every new comer to understand we do have set of forum rules and guide line. Also there are board specific rules too. Please check these rules and make sure you are following those. It’s not easy to last this long in field of Manga/Anime as a forum but we have managed that with our own ways and rules. So we have no plans to change ours ways or rules anytime soon just because other forums have different rules or methods.

Like mentioned earlier we do our best to keep MR community friendly and happy. After a hard day at school or work you can come here talk to others share your artwork or help others to improve their drawing or stories. or just walk in to MR PUB and talk with others have fun. Some might find MR is Lame, Boring or Too Simple. It doesn’t really matters to us. Who are going to be who we are and we we have been for years.

Looking For Manga Artist or Writer ?

This is NOT our main goal. This is not even one of those semi goals. Years ago we have created a Sub Forum called ” Manga Artists Wanted ” for our regular members who want to find artists for their project from within and out side of forum. For some reason Google put this in their search so now we are receiving many who looking for artists and writers. But the problem is many just want to bag an artist and walk away. Or some just want to find paid commissions. We do not act as a bulletin board for this and some people get really offended when they find out we are not here to serve them. So please let me explain how this works.

If you are an artist who wants paid commissions we have no problem with that. We welcome you with open hands. But if you are just here to advertise your self then it might not work. First make an intro topic in Welcome center and introduce your self. Then check our Manga Art Gallery and help few members to improve their art. All you have to do is check their artwork and write few lines of advice. Also it’s Important you create a Topic in Manga Art Gallery and Post few of your drawings there. We don’t not allow outside links just as advertisements.

Same goes for those who are looking for artists. Specially if you want someone to work for free. Future profits doesn’t count. Is it very important you to have a completed story before looking for an artist. Because everyone has ideas even artists do have. But Good stories are not easy to find. So if you have good stories artists will be interested in working with you. If you just have an idea but no story ? That’s find we have a Story Development board. You can post there and build your story with other members self. Story will be yours 100% nobody who helps or advice there have any rights for it.

So first become part of the MR community and get to know others. Then look for artists / Writers or commissions. Other members will happily help you and also it will build your credibility too. I know many new people come here looking for an artist reactant to post their story. But think from these artist side too. Why should they help your freely when you are a total stranger ? Who knows ? you might just get bored and vanish after they spend endless hours drawing your story …