Mangaraiders Update


The MR Canon has recieved a shot in the arm with Mahluaandmilk making her own origin story! If you want to take part, click HERE.

There’s too many art gallery updates to mention so make sure you swing by the Manga Artist Galleries HERE.

however, what we do know for sure is that suupertramp is offering free 3d background commissions for your manga!  Here

Manimal is also offering some manga services in his topic >> Here

Check out this interesting piece by No1sy. Its a short story based around 3 songs. Check it out Here

Episode #44 of the Happy Hour is out, featuring Vacant and Manimal. Check it out Here

Speaking of which, Lego and Vacant have broken down the latest Bleach chapter Here

The Summer season of anime is in full swing. Make sure you check out the first impressions thread Here